Purposes and Activities


1. This Society has such purposes as follows:
encouraging study, research, education and training concerning with breast cancer for members and contribute to the public health.


2. In order to accomplish the said purposes, the Society will carry out the following projects:


* Hosting academic conferences, symposia and lectures.
* Publishing bulletins, articles and books.
* Communication and cooperation with national and
* International associations on breast cancer and other related academic associations.
* Administration of institutions concerned with breast specialist.
* Other projects necessary to accomplish the said purposes.






Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tadashi Ikeda


Shinzabro Noguchi


Seigo Nakamura


Board of Directors
Futoshi Akiyama, Tokiko Endo, Jun Horiguchi, Shigeru Imoto, Yoshinori Ito,

Hirotaka Iwase, Takuji Iwase, Norio Kohno, Junichi Kurebayashi, Masafumi Kurosumi,

Hirofumi Mukai, Seigo Nakamura, Reiki Nishimura, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Toshiaki Saeki,

Masakazu Toi, Yutaka Tokuda


Koichi Hirata, Hideo Inaji




Executive Office


The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR
3-8-31, Ariake, Koto, Tokyo, 135-8550 Japan




Members of Constituent


All members 9,458
Surgeon 6,879
Radiologist & Oncologist 1,156
Pathologist & Basic scientist 329
Associate members 1,094






Breast Cancer

4 issues/ year

Editor-in-Chief: Shinzaburo Noguchi


The official journal of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society, Breast Cancer publishes articles that contribute to progress in the field, in basic or translational research and also in clinical research. It develops a new focus and new perspectives for all who are concerned with breast cancer.



Annual meeting


The society holds an annual meeting at which members have an opportunity to discuss the latest breakthroughs in all fields related to breast cancer research. The meeting also represents the year's best networking event and a chance for career advancement for all those involved in breast cancer research.


Usually, the meeting is held in the early summer. At a recent meeting, more than 5,000 participants attended to discuss topics from 1,800 abstracts on new and significant discoveries in basic, clinical and translational breast cancer research.


Local annual meetings are also held independently at 7 different locations throughout Japan. These meetings consist mainly of the presentation of case studies and several lectures on contemporary topics.



Association Awards and Prizes


Every year, the society presents an award to a member who published the best paper of the year in Breast Cancer, which is the official journal of the society. Another award is given to several members who have regularly made significant contributions to breast cancer research.